Parish Religious Education

 Mass Schedule
   /Horario dem Misas:
   Saturday: 4:30 PM
   Sunday: 8:30 AM, 11 AM,
                1 PM (Espanol)

   Saturday: 3-4 PM

 Communion Services:
   Wednesday: 8 AM

  How To Get Involved
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Parish Pastoral Council
Finance Committee
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Parish Religious Education Program
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Altar-Rosary Society
Bereavement Ministry
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Men's Prayer Group
Prayer Line

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Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Rite of Chrisitan Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for Children (RCIAC)
Marriage Preparation Team - FOCCUS
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Baptismal Preparation Program
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Music Ministry
St. Julie Billiart Federal Credit Union
Secular Franciscan Order (St. Stephen Fraternity)
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Spiritual-Parish Life Committee
St. Julie Billiart Outreach Committee
St. Julie Billiart Ministry of Praise Committee

St. Julie Billiart ACES Committee

     (Active Christian Enthusiastic Seniors)



Men and women from high school age on up proclaim the Word at Mass on Sunday and Holy Days (1st & 2nd Readings). To be commissioned for this ministry, the lay minister must be confirmed. Contact Fr. Mike Pucke  at 863-1040 ext. 13 or Deacon Bill Renneker 863-1040 ext.14


Men and women from high school age on up assist people in many ways before, during and after Sunday Liturgies. Contact the parish office 863-1040.
Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative body called from the members of St. Julie Billiart Parish. Its function is to reflect on and promote the pastoral life and activity of the parish and advise the pastor on how best to provide for the pastoral needs of the parish community. The Pastoral Council meets monthly September through June on the first Thursday of the month. The meetings are generally open to everyone. Non-council members can request that they be placed on the agenda to address the Council.

Contact: Parish office, Fr. Mike Pucke - 863-1040
e-mail: mpucke @

  Finance Committee

To serve the Pastor and Parish Pastoral Council in financial matters as required in Canon 537 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

1. To advise both the Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council regarding the financial
    implications of their respective policy decisions.
2. To prepare budgets in accord with the policy and priority decisions of the Pastor and the
3. The ultimate responsibility for policy, priority decisions, fund raising, approval and
implementation of budgets rest with the Pastor, in consultation with the Parish Pastoral
4. Keep minutes of meetings and provide them to the pastor.

1. Finance Committee consists of 5 to 7 members. No term limit has been set.
2. Finance Committee members are called forward through invitation by the Pastor.
    The Pastor will seek members through consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council and
    other parishioners.
3. The members shall be composed of persons with special training or experience in the
    area of finances.
4. Because a large portion of the total parish finances is devoted to the operation of the
    school, special effort is made to include persons who are knowledgeable about school
5. The business manager/administrative associate acts as liaison to the pastoral staff and
    the parish pastoral council.
6. A member’s term of service is automatically renewed upon mutual agreement of the
    member and the pastor.

Commitments and Obligations
1. Finance Committee shall meet in the months January, March, May, July, September
    and November.
2. Members are expected to: attend regularly scheduled meetings.
3. Members may be invited to serve on sub-committees or perform other duties in service
    to the parish and/or the pastor on an ad hoc basis.